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Water Features and Outdoor Lighting

The Art of Light

Nothing beautifies your home more than Exterior Lighting. The purpose of low voltage lighting is to unify the relationship between your house and the landscaping that surrounds it. Few things will enhance your home or business curb appeal more than a quality lighting design.

Advancements in LED lighting have made your choices even more attractive and add long term value to your property.

Landscape lighting will dramatically enhance your home and extend your living spaces to include the outdoor environment, providing your home with extended space and visual interest.

At Skylight Landscaping Limited, when we design your exterior lighting at Skylight Landscaping, we take into account your personal style to adapt your exterior environment to evoke a particular mood or a place that is soothing to you. Even modest homes or those with limited yards can benefit from landscape lighting.

This is particularly important if you and your family spend time outdoors in the evening or if you often entertain after dark. And, of course, it becomes even more important in fall and winter when the shorter days make all forms of landscape lighting more of a necessity.

Water features enhance the overall visual appeal of your outdoor living areas and bring the tranquility of flowing water into your gardens and entertaining spaces. Lighting water features, such as ponds, natural swimming pools, fountains, streams and waterfalls, can turn even a relatively simple feature into an interesting focal point and can make your water features even more beautiful at night than they are during the day.

External and underwater lighting that illuminates both the structure of your water features and the water allows for greater drama between light and shadow, creates visual interest and movement, gives your outdoor living areas more dimension at night, and can be used to accentuate interesting trees, plants, statuary or architectural features to create a more appealing overall look.

Spruce up your outdoor space by including low voltage lighting or water features

As outdoor living areas continue to evolve, so does lighting design. Entertainment spaces can contain outdoor barbecue areas, relaxation lounges, multi-level decks and pool or spa areas. Safe passage lighting is more important than ever before.

Combine form and function by making your home safer and more beautiful. A well lit property will also deter potential intruders by illuminating and providing visibility in all areas.

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