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Welcome to Skylight Landscaping Limited. We are a fully insured company providing landscaping services for commercial and residential clients in and around the Ottawa Valley.

Skylight Landscaping Limited’s main focus is offering top quality services at reasonable prices in all areas of design and construction.

Here at Skylight Landscaping, we understand you have a substantial investment in your home or business. A professionally landscaped property will greatly enhance your long term investment.

Outdoor living means just that…living, eating and relaxing outdoors in the fresh air. Indoor and outdoor styles come together to create truly amazing rooms. The patio has changed, and it will never be the same again. When you live in a climate that’s right for it, there is nothing like having architectural elements that allow your indoor living to expand and blend with the outdoor space. Creating a comfortable and well-appointed outdoor living room is considered the next level of luxury in home design. Incorporating relaxing, dining, cooking and play into the growing outdoor space opens up the scope of outdoor living at home and increases the useable square footage of your home.

We take pleasure in providing you with one on one customer service and bringing professional elegance to the community.

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